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Past Successes

Our Political Action Committee (PAC) Network has made pivotal contributions to REALTORS’® many lobbying successes.

A Voice for REALTORS® on Parliament Hill

Our Government Relations team, Political Action Committee (PAC), and PAC Reps all play pivotal roles in representing the interests of REALTORS® and Canadians to the government. Over the years, we’ve achieved many advocacy milestones, from helping implement changes to Employment Insurance for the self-employed, to expanding the Home Buyers’ Plan.

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A Brief Overview of Our Accomplishments

Timeline 1985 pac days


1985—PAC Network

The first PAC Days is organized. About 100 PAC Reps meet their Members of Parliament (MPs) in Ottawa.

Timeline 1992 homebuyer plan


1992—Home Buyers’ Plan

After three years of successive lobbying, the government introduces the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP), which has since helped millions of Canadians purchase a home.

Timeline 2000 money laundering


2000—Tackling Money Laundering

With the introduction of the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) Act, CREA consults officials on real estate transactions and how to minimize the regulatory burden on REALTORS®.

Timeline 2009 housing budget


2009—Housing Budget

We successfully advocate to raise the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) withdrawal limit to $25,000, plus the Home Renovation Tax Credit and the First Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit are introduced.

Timeline 2012 financial literacy


2012-2014—Building Financial Literacy

Working with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), we create the Home Buyers’ Road Map and a series of videos to help Canadians better understand the financial implications of homeownership.

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2018—Small Business Tax

The government responds positively to our recommendations to ensure tax rules for small businesses will not harm hardworking REALTORS®.

Timeline 2018 drones



We work with Transport Canada to help make it easier for REALTORS® to use drones to showcase their clients’ properties.

Timeline 2019 housing budget


2019—Housing Budget

The government includes several measures in its latest budget to help Canadians reach homeownership. The HBP withdrawal limit is raised to $35,000.

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2020—COVID-19 Support

We work with the government to introduce and enhance COVID-19 support programs.