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Welcome to the REALTOR® community.

Congratulations on Joining CREA!

You’re now a part of a thriving community of more than 150,000 real estate professionals who are proud of their profession, their business, the value they provide their clients and the work they do in their communities.

We're Here to Support You

As your national association, CREA is part of that community. We work in cooperation with your local board and provincial or territorial association, to ensure as a REALTOR®, you are recognized as a trusted and respected voice and expert in real estate. As a new REALTOR®, we understand your need to start attracting clients, promoting your listings and building your business as soon as possible. Each year, we:

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Advocate to the federal government on your behalf

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Promote and protect your reputation and professionalism

Through national advertising campaigns, the REALTOR® Code, the REALTOR® trademark and professional development resources.

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Support your business as a REALTOR®, Canada’s No. 1 real estate platform, as well as a suite of other products to help support your business as a REALTOR®.



Please reach out to with any questions you may have, and we will do our best to get your started with all we have to offer.