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Political Advocacy

We advocate for a legislative and regulatory environment that enables REALTORS® to better serve Canadian homeowners, aspiring homeowners and communities.

Advocating for You

When issues arise that affect housing, property rights or the real estate sector, CREA engages elected officials and government to discuss solutions and make recommendations on behalf of REALTORS®. Ahead of any federal budget, we formally advise the government on improvements to fiscal policy that can encourage responsible economic growth.

Our Grassroots Lobbying

Over the past several decades, the REALTOR® community has achieved many accomplishments that encourage access to housing for all Canadians, from emergency shelter to subsidized housing to social housing and homeownership.

Political Action Committee (PAC)

In politics, just as in real estate, impressions last long after a deal closes. We strive to maintain open, honest, and respectful dialogue with the federal government. The main mechanism for this is our PAC Network: created in 1985 to allow REALTORS® to actively engage with their elected representatives. PACs includes the President and Executive Officer of all real estate boards and associations, one or more “PAC Reps” appointed by each, and current members of the CREA Board of Directors. PAC Reps work to relay important regional concerns to CREA, while keeping their local Members of Parliament (MP) aware of major national issues affecting the real estate industry, and regularly briefing their board or association on federal developments.

PAC Days

PAC Days is the culmination of CREA’s government relations efforts over the course of the year. This event, held annually on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, allows REALTORS® to speak directly to Members of Parliament about issues that affect homeowners and the real estate industry.

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REALTOR® Action Network (RAN)

The REALTOR® Action Network (RAN) is our grassroots tool to connect REALTORS®, board and associations with federal government decision makers. Like real estate, “all politics is local”, too – meaning Members of Parliament (MPs) are listening to and focusing on what is being said by their constituents. This gives REALTORS® an opportunity to be a part of the political process and speak with a collective and amplified voice about the issues facing their communities.

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