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REALTOR® Recommendations

Every Canadian deserves the opportunity to live in a home they can afford. We empower REALTOR® activism on behalf of Canadians.

Written Submission for the Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2022 Federal Budget

By working together we can build a national, holistic approach to create more housing options and ensure Canada remains a fair and equitable place to live for all Canadians. This nationwide holistic approach would provide opportunities to address supply issues across the housing spectrum, helping the most vulnerable while simultaneously allowing more Canadians to gain stability and opportunity through homeownership, particularly low- and middle-income families.

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Housing Supply and Infrastructure

Studies worldwide indicate that good infrastructure is crucial to address the shortage of housing supply. Infrastructure has the ability to allow for the increased development of new homes, while enabling and encouraging people to invest in communities that they want to live in. To tackle the supply issue, the federal government needs to ensure adequate housing opportunities are available for Canadians across the housing spectrum. They can work toward this goal by added housing clauses to Infrastructure Bilateral Agreements between Infrastructure Canada and principal and territorial partners.

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National Housing Roundtable

There is a need for a collaborative, multi-stakeholder process to identify the factors limiting the supply response of all forms of housing: owned, rental, affordable, single-family, and multi-family. The federal government should convene a permanent national housing roundtable bringing together federal, provincial, and municipal authorities along with builders, real estate professionals and civil society organizations to document the multiple challenges to raising supply and identify solutions to these obstacles.

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Affordability and Debt Reduction

With rising costs in housing markets across Canada, we recommend the RRSP withdrawal limit increase to $50,000 from $35,000. we also suggest the government reintroduce the 30-year amortization for insured mortgages to assist young first-time home buyers. Extending the length of a mortgage improves affordability by reducing the size of monthly payments.

Our Pre-Bud­get Submission

To read our full submission, including a detailed breakdown of our REALTOR® recommendations, click the link below.