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Erin Davis

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Dr. Naheed Dosani

Episode 21/November 2021

Dr. Naheed Dosani – Approaching Homelessness from a Place of Empathy

During the first year of his family medicine residency, Dr. Naheed Dosani experienced a devastating and life-changing event: one of his patients passed away.

That patient, Terry, had lived on the streets for 15 years, had terminal cancer, and was repeatedly refused access to proper palliative care. It was too little too late.

Deeply affected by Terry’s loss, Dr. Dosani realized that while we all have equal access to healthcare in Canada, it doesn’t mean we have equitable access. And so he pledged to inspire change.

To complement REALTORS Care® Week 2021, we join Dr. Dosani to gain a front-line perspective of the inequities facing homeless, poor, and vulnerably-housed Canadians. We look at housing as a healthcare issue, how we can cure it through policy, and how we can tap into our own vulnerability to ensure no one has to fall through the cracks.

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