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New Research: Canadian MLS® Systems Create Substantial Value for Home Sellers and Buyers

New research published by Paul Johnson (Rideau Economics) and Anthony Niblett (University of Toronto Faculty of Law) explores Canada’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) Systems and how to preserve and expand them.

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) commissioned the research to explore the value and benefits that MLS® Systems provide to both consumers and REALTORS® during the property buying and selling process.

The research concludes:

  • MLS® Systems create substantial value for Canadian home sellers and buyers.
  • Value is created in large part from network effects – meaning more value is created when there is more participation, and through the comprehensiveness of the data collected in MLS® Systems.
  • Cooperation among REALTORS® is the foundation for the value-creating network effects present on MLS® Systems.

MLS® Systems are REALTOR® to REALTOR® cooperative selling systems. Property listing information is then sent by boards and associations from their MLS® System to, Canada’s most popular and trusted real estate platform.

To learn more, read the complete White Paper: Multiple Listing Services in Canada: How to Preserve and Expand Value.

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